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Flight restrictions

CAA rules & law


The New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority rules or law state that NO flights may be conducted within Controlled airspace or within 4km of an Aerodrome without prior approval of the governing authorities. CAA rules webpage


The interactive map (c/o Airshare) shows the areas concerned with the mauve areas as Controlled airspace (permission from Air Traffic Control (ATC) is required). The blue circles are Aerodromes or Airports (permission from the governing body of the aerodrome and control tower before and notification after flights is required). 


Below are some of the rules governing operations that can be found on the CAA website: 


  1. The operator needs to be able to see the aircraft with their own eyes (eg - not through binoculars, a monitor or smartphone)

  2. The aircraft can only be flown during daylight hours

  3. Give way to all crewed aircraft

  4. You cannot fly your aircraft higher than 120 metres (400 feet) AGL (above ground level)

  5. You cannot fly closer than 4 kilometres from any aerodrome boundary without prior approval and a "Wings" badge from MFNZ




Unseen Perspective has specialised RPAS (remotely piloted aircraft) insurance through a reputable insurance company. It includes:


  1. Aviation Liability

  2. Legal Edge Liability


Please feel free to contact me should you like further information.





A key area in the use of RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems) is safety!


Below are some safety guidelines and procedures I adhere to:


  • The CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) states that operations are NOT carried out within 30 metres of any persons not part of the operation itself without their prior approval.

  • I create and fill out a safety data spreadsheet, on each job, to check:

    • Critical operational functionality (motors, blades, wiring etc)

    • The surrounding area for objects such as pylons, buildings and trees that could be hazardous during the operation

    • Battery percentage checks for both the multirotor and transmitter

    • Weather conditions

    • Plus many other checks as well..


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